Elevated Innovation Lab, LLC

Welcome to the official website of Elevated Innovation Lab, LLC. We are grateful for your interest in learning more about our efforts to build an economy that offers sustainable wealth and greater unity. Our purpose is to help people and organizations get through crisis events while experiencing the improved results. We accomplish this purpose through helping our members improve coping skills, develop and utilize resource innovations, and build relationship-depth. Our eco-system of support consists of the Social-EIL Analytics Lab and the EILCoin Economic System. 

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Economic System

Social-EIL Analytics Lab

Our Social-EIL Analytics Lab enhances the social network experience through member-driven committees that recommend and promote different aspects of the social network. The Social-EIL Analytics Lab is designed to promote privacy while also providing the best in decision analytics under informed consent based on e-mentored project learning of coping skill management, innovation resource development, and relationship-depth development towards leadership and crisis management. The Social-EIL Analytics Lab is currently under preparation for an SBIR grant with the National Science Foundation.


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EILCoin Economic System

The EILCoin Economic System is an economic system based on behavioral economics. With the onset of the "Great Reset" under way in connection with the World Economic Forum, Elevated Innovation Lab is developing an socio-economic eco-system that is designed to be managed by our member-audiences (families, businesses, charitable institutions, and governments). The purpose of the EILCoin is to incentivize social and economic behaviors for building sustainable wealth creation within a tax-deferred environment. 


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