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Building Technologies that Strengthen the Economy and Empowering Entrepreneurs in Driving Employment Opportunities. We are a Member-Driven Innovation Laboratory Designed to Build Technology Solutions that Help People and Organizations Respond to Life-Challenges.

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Industries We Currently Serve

The current industries are represented for the development of our social and economic ecosystem of support that will enable us to respond to supporting you in building the life you seek to have. Entrance into additional industries will evolve over time. Join us and help us create the infrastructure you need to build the life you have dreamed about.

Software Development

Technology Ecosystem for Decision Analytics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, and Machine Learning.


Consulting for Government, Businesses, and Charitable Institutions

Advisory Services for Individuals and Families

Education Technology

Leadership Development, Social Network, Project Management, Curriculum Design, Relationship-Depth, Mentored Skills Development, Technology Sandbox & Marketplace, Academic Research and Publishing

Finance Technology

Digital Currencies, FDIC Coverage, Account Management, Regulatory Compliance, Asset Management, Incentive Management, Social and Economic Indicator Management


3D/4D Printering, Rapid Prototyping, Materials Research & Development, Structure Development, and Infrastrucutre Development


Service Robots, Rescue Robots, Security Robots, Manufacturing Robots, Technology Robots, Translator Robots, Pet Robots, Coaching Robots, Strategy Robots, Lawn Care Robots, Multi-Purpose Robots


DNA 3D/4D Printing, Organ and Bon Transplant, Sound Frequency Healing, Therapy Development and Managment


VTOL Flying Cars, Trucks, Buses, Containers, Blimps, Submersibles, Boats/Ships, Remote Control Vehicles, and Transportation Infrastructure 

Prosparity Infrastructure

Economic Infrastructure, Markets Infrastructure, Debt and Equity Equalibrium Management, Indicator and Incentives Management, Asset Class Management, Liquidity Management, Institutions and Industry Development, Logistics and Supply-Chain

Poverty &
Humanitarian Response

Fleet Recycling and Development, Island Prepositioning, Village Deployment, Humanitarian Diplomacy, Humanitarian Response, Humanitarian Restoration


Solar Generation, Wind Generation, Hydro Generation, Wave Generation, Geothermal Generation, Photovoltaic Generation, Electromagnetic Generation, Fuel Cell Generation, Storm Generation, and Infrastructure Development


Exploration, Excavation, Sustainable Earth Therapies, Ozone Therapies, Weather Therapies, Mineral Therapies


Soil Nutrient Therapies, Weed Control, Insect Control, Plant Nutritian Therapies, Water Therapies, Light Therapies, and Sound Frequency Therapies


Residential, Apartments, Multi-Unit, Retail, Office, Industrial, Government, Institutional, and Infrastructure Development and Management

Recent News

Elevated Innovation Lab is currently establishing partner relationships with national laboratories, academic institutions, engineering firms, and manufacturing facilities for the purpose of innovation infrastructure development.

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