Elevated Innovation Lab, LLC

We are an Innovation Lab Designed to Empower Creative Solutions that Supports People and Organizations in Crisis.

Research &

Consulting Services

Our consulting services focus on decision-making, design, and application ecosystems applied to areas such as leadership, socio-economic behaviors, humanitarian support, socal services, military personnel support, crisis/disaster response, scientific research support, data analytics, sustainability management, change management support, invention/innovation management, strategic management, project management, and relationship management.

Our consulting and innovation philosophy for problem-solving is based on the academic research of our founder, "How people get through life-challenges with a ten-dimensional ecosystem of support." The study evaluates how people apply the ecosystems of coping skills, resources, and relationships that each exist within the spiritual, emotional, social, cultural, intellectual, environmental, political, economic, physical, and recreational life-dimensions. Based on the study, mentoring was the primary resource employed in order to respond to the life-challenges experienced by those interviewed.

Management Consulting - NAISC 874200

Administrative and General Management Consulting Services - NAISC 541661

Technology and Engineering Development

Our technology and engineering ecosystems are designed to coordinate e-mentored support from academic communities and national labs in the design, development, testing, proof-of-concept, and launching of technology innovations created to satisfy consumer audiences. We also offer opportunities through technology transfer in collaboration with national labs, military labs, and research institutions of higher-learning. 

Software Publishers
- NAISC 511210

Internet Publishing, Broadcast, and Web Search Portals - NAISC 519130

Engineering Services - NAISC 541330

Industrial Design Services - NAISC 541420