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For centuries, experienced individuals have reached out to those who are less experienced for the purpose of molding and shaping the future of generations yet to come. Such mentoring relationships have the tendency of benefitting the menor and protege alike due to shared similarities and unique differences. We, at Elevated Innovation Lab are passionate about creating project oriented e-mentored learning systems that offer the necessary tools to support people and organizations experiencing change.

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Member-Driven Technology


Building Member Infrastructure

We build innovative technology infrastructure designed to allow member participation in the design, development, and user experience. Our technology innovation infrastructure is made up of: the EILCoin Behavioral Economic System and the Social-EIL Social Network.


EILCoin Behavioral Economic System

Our economic system is a private blockchain behavioal economic system on multiple asset-classes with FDIC insurance as long-term deposits. Our e-wallet will have full compliance with AML, KYC, and CRA laws/regulations. The system utilizes member-advised indicator management systems of economic value indicators per asset-classes and reward/fee incentives and social indicators within the Social-EIL academy and institute system.


Social-EIL Social Network

Our leadership development social network consists of an e-mentored project-oriented system that builds personal and professional relationship depth, technology applications marketplace for mentored skill development, and academic research development and publishing with family, business, charitable institute, and government decision-management interface.


Member Committees

Our member committees are designed to involve our member-audiences in the different technological innovation areas: membership development and outreach, technology design and test engineering, market research, technology development, live/online events management, Social-EIL academy/institute management, EILCoin social and economic indicator management, and many others in response from humanitarian response to sustainable prosperity response.

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